Maximillian Wiedemann has given "Urban Art" a whole new definition  - Maximillian is commissioned by some of the most exclusive brands to display his art in the hottest addresses in the world. He sees himself as a ' camera lens for celebrities' and documents the habitat that surrounds us in the 21st century much as a 19th Century painter would do, but using spray cans , neon's, screenprint and installations instead of oils. His work has a complex body and  is highly influenced by Fashion, Luxury Brand, status symbols and celebrity lifestyle-  alongside Warhol , Richard Prince and Basquiat. 


Karl Lagerfeld introduced Max to the Editor of French Vogue Karin Roitfeld at a Maison Du Caviar in Paris, when Karl Lagerfeld bought a painting, thrusting Maximillian into the art spotlight. Many other celebrities such as Elle MacPherson, Kate Moss , Kelly Brook, Tamara Ecclestone, Kelly Osbourne, Lindsey Lohan and Tamara Mellon the Founder of Jimmy Choo are fans and fond collectors. Corporate clients include Blue chips such as BMW, TOPSHOP ,Coca Cola, VH1.